Welcome to Art-Terre Productions, where we dance to the music of Life! From the creation and production of shows, festivals and artistic events, professional training and artists’ management, Art-Terre Productions has a wide variety of activities to offer. No matter your style or age, we have the perfect mix for you!
Art-Terre Productions is a company that specializes in the production and creation of shows, festivals and artistic events that embrace both contemporary and urban styles. Our mission is to promote art by using dance and to support its integration in any given cultural setting in order to bring diversity, richness and aesthetic value to different populations.



For its first ever international tour, Art-Terre Productions will be in Haiti, stopping by for “TEMNEIN”, a magical event rich in colors and images, putting forth talents coming from Canada who will take the public to an awe-inspiring universe, with styles ranging from contemporary to popping, and where urban rhythms born out of ballet and hip hop will marry to deliver a breathtaking show.

Katherine Clerdonna

Art.Terre • Haïti

Saxon Fraser

Me & Art.Terre

Axelle “Ebony” Munezero

Me & Art.Terre

Martine “Cherry” Bruneau

Me & Art.Terre

Caroline “Lady C” Fraser

Me & Art.Terre

Mecdy “Venom” Jean-Pierre

Me & Art.Terre

Handy “Monstapop” Yacinthe

Me & Art.Terre


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Friday, April 12 Avril, 8 PM
Théâtre Le Gesu
1200 Bleury Street, Montreal
Métro Place des Arts
$25 + taxes
Tickets and information available at théâtre Gesu
and at Admission




Saturday, December 22th, 7 PM
Hotel Karibé, $40
Wednesday, December 26th, 7 PM
Parc de la Canne à Sucre, 1500 gourdes

Tickets available at:
Hotel Karibé, Parc de la Canne à Sucre, Game box
Monsieur Henri Photo (Pétion-ville, Delmas 61, Lalue, rue Capois)



Art-Terre Productions is first and foremost a team of young, passionate and dynamic people, who believe in art and culture and who want to share them with the world. Because happiness and humor are the characteristics Katherine Clerdonna, founder and president of the company, she made sure to surround herself with like-minded partners who, like her, enjoy life and a good laugh. At Art-Terre, team meetings are more like social gatherings and last several hours without anyone wearying themselves out! “Art-Terre is not work, it’s a lifestyle, it’s my passion, it’s my family. When I need to let off steam, I do something related to Art-Terre; it doesn’t get better than this” says Clerdonna.



With a degree in Industrial Relations from the University of Montreal, Katherine worked for 6 years in human resources management in the hospitality sector. Known by her loved ones as a risk-taker, Katherine decided to follow her heart and create Art-Terre Productions in 2012.

From her first day in dance class, Katherine knew that it would be more than just a hobby. Dance became a passion, a job, and finally a company. Always eager to improve in this art, Katherine coaches herself relentlessly in various styles such as hip-hop, popping, house and many other styles of urban dances with some of the most admired choreographers in Montreal. In April 2012, with the hip-hop crew MP’ Z, she won the title of ‘Canadian Champion of Hip Hop’ in their division at an annual competition organized by 8Count Dance in collaboration with Hip Hop Canada.

Her constant desire to allow talented dancers to live through their art led Katherine to specialize in artists’ management and marketing at the School of Show Business of Montreal. Her talents in marketing, management and production always inspire her to exceed her own expectations and excel in all her endeavors. Because happiness and humor define Katherine, it is important to her to be surrounded by positive people who like to laugh and enjoy life.


From a family of artists and performers Saxon began dancing at age 4, training for her inevitable future as a choreographer, performer and teacher.

After earning her B.A. in Dance Kinesiology from the University of Calgary she went on to perform with company’s such as Decidedly Jazz Danceworks, W&M Physical Theater (Poland), Unkut Productions, and House of Dangerkat. Since relocating to Montreal Saxon has danced for Alexandra Lande in Retrospek, Nico Archambault and Wynn Holmes in the musical Le Blues d’la Metropole and the film Sur le Rythme and film makers Phil Fortin and Julia Milz in the contemporary dance film ONE featured at the Cannes and Portugal Film Festivals 2011. She recently performed for Y!D.N.A. Collection’s Blacklight, Dressing Room for Festival Mode & Design by award winning NYC choreographer Noemi LaFrance, choreographed for X-Presion (Madrid) and created a fashion video for Filler Magazine.

As Artistic Director of Soul Projexions Saxon has collaborated with artists and dancers of every kind to create Fluorescent: Lit From Within, Whodunnit, Wuxia with Martial Artist Fred Nguyen, and Pendulum with Lady C. She is head choreographer for Saco International, and her work has been featured in the film series Athletes in Motion for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, Bazaar inToronto, ReVERB for Dancer’s Studio West, in Milan,at Royal Albert Hall in London, le Zenith in Paris and in the show Illusions at Kremlin Palace in Moscow.


Deborah (Debbie) Jussome firmly believes that one can express anything long as one knows the right words. Her passion is to conceive and emphasize the image of companies or organizations through communication strategies as well as marketing and public awareness campaigns. Holder of a Baccalaureate in Journalism and Political Science from the University of Montreal, when it comes to communication and management Debbie adores challenges that are both motivating and gratifying and acknowledges the importance of social media in which she sees a new world with infinite possibilities.

When she is not exploring the social networks she devotes herself to yoga, or to cooking while listening to good music. If not, you will find her with a glass of red wine in hand following ‘Mad Men’, the series from which she draws her creative inspiration, with a (not so) secret passion.


With a Masters in Communication from the University of Montreal with a specialization in Cultural Studies, Sybille is interested in subcultures often characterized as “marginal, secondary or minority”. The information system which derives from them offers to Sybille a stirring viewpoint on individuals and communities; and that feeds her creative ideas! Sybille also holds competencies in teaching from which she learned how to be attentive to the needs of demographically diversified people, and ultimately to create tools adapted to their needs.

At a young age, Sybille was introduced to dance and music. While her time with the first was purely recreational, her passion for the second allowed her to develop great aptitudes for the piano and the violin.



A young artist from Montreal, Axelle Munezero discovered the universe of urban dance at the age of 12 in a Community center where the professional dancer Alexandra Landé was teaching. A talented interpreter, she continues her training alongside great names in urban dance such as: Tyrone Proctor (Soul Train dancer, NYC), Dazl (Jack-O-lution MTL), Alexandra Landé (Unkut, MTL)… Axelle Munezero quickly made a name for herself in the Montreal dance scene. 2010 was a great year for her! She won first place at many famous waacking competitions in New York, House Dance International, and Step Ya Game Up. Her great talent brought her to work with artists of international fame such as: Melanie Renaud, the Parliament, Lukay, Jessy Gauthier and Saya and also to build a worldwide reputation.

Impassioned and insatiable, Axelle Munezero divided her choreographic experiences and teaching between Japan and Canada. September 2011, she was asked to take part in the research project of the company Rubberbandance group entitled ‘Post Hip Hop production 2’ and was chosen as an interpreter in Alexandra Landé’s creation: Renezance.


A self-taught dancer, Martine Bruneau was drawn by the freedom of expression which emanates from urban dance. She was discovered by the well-known Alexandra Landé, who allowed her to join the dance company ‘Hip Hop Unkut Productions’ in 2009. There, she played the interpretive role for many events such as the “Choreographer’s Bal” (Toronto and Los Angeles), Eclectik (M.A.I.) and Danses Buissonnières (Tangente). Co-founder of Forêt Noire (Black Forest), Martine does not hesitate to push the limits of waacking with her partner Axelle Munezero. Member of the Imperial House of Waacking, she takes part in several performances in Canada, the United States, and France at various festivals. In the world of urban dance, she partipates in many competitions such as Bust A Move (1st place Waacking 2009 and 2012), House Dance International (1st place choreography battle 2010), Step Ya Game Up, Ladies of Hip Hop and Soul Society just to name a few. Martine was a choreographer and coach of Rebel Methodz, the Canadian champion of Hip Hop in 2010. Moreover, she had the pleasure to choreograph and interpret for prestigious projects in Canada and in France with dance companies such as Stairway, Soul Projexions, Artmistice and Aherosol.


From Calgary, Alberta, Lady C has made a name for herself in Canada and abroad as both a Dancer and a Singer/Songwriter.
Lady C has a wide background in the dance art form that goes back as early as age 4 and ranges from Ballet to Tap to Contemporary.
For the past 10 years Lady C has dedicated most of her dance career to street styles such as House, Popping, Locking and Breaking and gaining knowledge of the history and essence of each style.

Lady C is known for her choreography, her style and flavor as a freestyle dancer, and for her participation in the international competitive circuit taking the win or advancing very far at events such as Juste Debout Montreal (TopRock/Popping/Locking), Soulidify San Francisco (All Styles), Battle of the Alamo San Antonio TX (All Styles), R-16 USA (Locking & Popping), Bust A Move Montreal 2009/2012 (Popping/TopRock), House Dance International NYC 2009 (Experimental).Rep Ur Step Calgary 2009 (All Styles), and One Touch Calgary 2010 (Popping & Locking).


From Montreal, Handy is a force recognized in the world of urban dance throughout Canada and elsewhere. Equipped with an enticing versatility, he is able to excel in most of the urban dance forms, but “popping” is his specialty. The latter awarded him several prizes such as Last One Stands (Vancouver) and Bust a Move (Montreal). The duo ‘Symbiotic Monsters’, which consists of Handy and his partner Mecdy Jean-Pierre is the first Canadian group/duo to have reached the final of “Juste Debout”, the greatest international urban dance competition. Thanks to his specialization and his creativity in movement, he had the opportunity to teach at Les Ballets Jazz de Montréal, to choreograph for the popular American show ‘America’s Best Dance Crew’ (season 5 and 7), and to work with Franco Dragon (Celine Dion, Cirques du Soleil). Handy is the co-founder of Stairway, which had the opportunity to perform at TOHU, as well as in festivals in New Jersey and Ocean City, in the United States. Concerned with constantly improving his art, Handy often exchanges with his pals coming from Japan, England, France, Portugal and the United States. Recognized for his great talent, well-known and established companies such as ‘Juste pour rire’, ‘8Count’, ‘Dufour’, ‘Unkut’, ‘Soul Projexions’, ‘Blue Collar Dance’ and others do not hesitate to call him. Handy is without any doubt an artist, the product of a metropolis in constant evolution.


Explosive, energetic and talented, Mecdy “Venom” Jean-Pierre began urban dance in a park in Laval. His ambition: to become the next Michael Jackson.

Unique in his style, Venom joined Bzerk Squad in 2006, the first Krump dance group in Canada. Thereafter he formed with Handy Yacinthe, an internationally famous duo named Symbiotic Monsters. Specializing in Popping, he became the creator and mentor for a dance group called Dead Angle and continues this adventure as a student of life. From Montreal to Toronto, from Los Angeles to Hong Kong (and don’t forget Paris), he travels all over in search of new experiences, always thirsty and eager to learn some more about dance and to share his techniques with all those who want to learn.


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